Zhejiang Shangju Valve Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wafer check valves, wafer butterfly valves, ball valves, and sanitary pipe fittings. It is located in China Valve City-Wenzhou Longwan District-Shacheng Street. Our company introduces a complete set of foreign The equipment and process is a professional manufacturer integrating product development, production and sales.

The company has strong strength, sophisticated equipment, exquisite workmanship, complete testing experience, gathered a group of high-quality scientific and technological management personnel, complete resource advantages and technical advantages.

Production butterfly valve series: wafer butterfly valve, sanitary wafer valve, quick-install butterfly valve, welding butterfly valve, three-piece welding butterfly valve, flange butterfly valve, threaded butterfly valve (ISO, SMS, DIN) standard, integrated check valve butterfly valve,

Production of ball valves series: quick-fit ball valves, chip ball valves: one-piece ball valves, two-piece ball valves, three-piece ball valves:

Production of check valve series: Wafer check valve, quick-install check valve, welded check valve, threaded check valve, three-piece ball check valve (customized), flanged vertical check valve, wafer type Check valve

Production pipeline connection accessories: unions, clamp joints, elbows, tees, large and small heads, stainless steel pipes, leather pipe joints, non-standard personalized sizes;

Production of sight glass series: quick-install sight glass, welding sight glass, flange sight glass, flange pipe sight glass, live sight glass, lighted sight glass, non-standard personal custom sight glass;

Others: milk pump (sanitary pump) sanitary manhole

The products are widely used in: (H71W/H check valves: petrochemical, iron and steel metallurgy, electric power, drainage pipes, construction) machinery parts, cans, food, beverages, beer, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, oil, chemical high-rise buildings, etc. widely used. Favored by the majority of friends and relatives.

Pipe fittings can be processed according to customer drawings, manufacturer strength production, and quality assurance. With years of rich experience, we create the best products for each customer and solve each customer's problems. Welcome new and old customers to visit and cooperate.


Shangju always adheres to the principle of "there is no permanent characteristics, only continuous innovation", to create the "integrity-based, customer first" business philosophy, constantly applying new technologies, new processes, new materials, and actively develop new varieties to provide users High-quality valve products and better services.

Use service and sincerity in exchange for the trust and support of our customers, mutual benefit and create a win-win situation



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